LaVar Wearing An 'I Told You So' Hat While LaMelo Got Drafted 3rd Overall Is Such An A+ Cocky Move

Say what you want, but you gotta respect this move. Call your shot and run with it. He's got 2 sons that were drafted in the top-3 in the NBA Draft. Can't knock that no matter what you think of the family. It's a power move. It's calling your shot. it's whatever you want to say. But now we get LaMelo in Charlotte with MJ. Remember this? 

I'll say this with the Hornets. It's going to be interesting. They needed a star since the rest of their starters are all okay role players. But getting LaMelo gives you that shot. You can play him with Graham, Miles Bridges and PJ Washington. That's an intriguing young core. 

Can we sell those hats? I want to sell those hats. It's pretty fire.