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Former Top 20 Tennis Player Bernard Tomic Is Now Starring In His Smoke Girlfriend Vanessa Sierra's Only Fans Videos And Can You Really Blame Him?

You've probably never heard of Bernard Tomic, but to catch you up he's a former top 20 tennis player in the world who had a ton of potential in the sport when he first came up. The Aussie cracked the ATP tour at 15 years old and made the Wimbledon quarters as an 18 year old which is insane. At one point in his career he reached 17th in the world, but has since fallen to 226th despite being just 28 years old. At this point he really doesn't give a shit about tennis and regularly puts in minimal effort in his matches. I'm pretty sure he's said multiple times he hates the sport. He was even fined at Wimbledon recently for not trying. 

On the court the Aussie, for lack of a better word, is a loser. I can't, however, say the same about him off of it. He's a millionaire who loves his fast expensive cars and beautiful women. He has a quote from an interview questioning what's next for him and he just says, "I just count my millions." Tomic has recently sparked up a romance with model and former Love Island star Vanessa Sierra. Doing some research, Sierra used to date this dude Luke Erwin and together they started an Only Fans account. Together they were among the top 0.01% of all creators on the site which earned them a lot of money. They broke up a little bit ago and she started dating Tomic. Now they're getting in on the fun it seems. 

Is it weird to see Tomic taking a bite out of a woman's ass on social media? I mean all bets are off in 2020, but if a woman like Vanessa Sierra wants you to do videos with her are you really going to say no? That sounds a whole lot better than a first round exit at a random tournament to me. Prick or not, this guy is living the life right now. If I'm him I just retire from tennis and collect the Only Fans checks as I continue to have sex with this woman. In case you were wondering, it's only $3 a month to gain access to their NSFW content. If you're into that stuff I imagine she puts on a show.