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Sunday Night Sample - Bone Thugs n Harmony Featuring Phil Collins - Home

For tonight's installment we have one of the more bizarre collaborations in Hip Hop history. 

“Home” was the third single from Bone Thugs n Harmony's Thug World Order album. 

It features the hook, drums, and a similar instrumental to the Phil Collins hit "Take Me Home" all produced by Bone Thugs producer DJ U-Neek. 

ORIGINAL - Phil Collins - Take Me Home

All time classic Phil Collins record from the 80s that Collins not only cleared himself for sampling by Bone Thugs, but he also lent his vocals and agreed to appear in the music video.

The group flew to Geneva, Switzerland in order to feature Collins in the video. According to Bone, "Collins was like, if y'all wanna do it, it's cool, y'all go ahead and do it, but if y'all wanna do a video, y'all gotta come Switzerland" to shoot the video. 

So the group flew to Geneva to meet Collins and shoot the video which took about 4 hours.

A pretty ridiculous but true story is that Phil Collins was a big Bone Thugs fan. Word made its way to Bone Thugs that Collins dug them so they had the idea to do the song and ask for his permission. Which he gave. The group and Collins hit it off so well that they made him an honorary member of Bone Thugs n Harmony. They first dubbed him "Phil Bone" before going with "Chrome Bone", a play on Collin's bald head.

Bizzy Bone's verse was removed from the video version, as he was booted from the group months before for going awol too often and being unreliable.

The original version, featuring his verse can be found here -