Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney's Plans For The Soccer Team They Are Buying: Become A 'Global Force', Drop A Netflix Show And Get Drunk As Shit With The Fans

[Source] - “We want to be at the Racecourse Ground as much as possible – as many games as I can make.

“We want to have a pint with the fans. You’ll be fed up of us! We want to be great ambassadors for the club, to introduce the club to the world and be a global force.”

On plans for a Netflix-type, fly-on-the-wall show McElhenney, who created the TV series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, said: "That's happened. We're documenting it.

"We should be thinking about Wrexham the way Man U thinks about Man U. Engage in club, communities. What a great way to do it.”

The entrepreneurs laid out five principles for their takeover:

  • Protect the heritage of the club.
  • Not change, but reinforce the values woven into the town itself.
  • Use our own resources to grow the club - they want it to have a global appeal.
  • Reward the supporters who have stood with it by putting everything we have to make this club win.
  • We want to be champions

Yep, that's Ryan Reynolds and Mac trying to buy a Welsh soccer team and turn them into a world powerhouse. Seems like a Netflix show or even Ted Lasso, but it's real and it's close to happening. Wrexham is currently owned by the fans - think the Packers, but you know, for real. You actually get more than a piece of paper for $500 saying you're an 'owner.' Anywho, these fan owners of Wrexham are voting on the takeover led by Reynolds and Mac so they held a Zoom call to go over and outline some of the plans.

First, become a global powerhouse. Love it. Why not? They are out here talking about spending money and buying good players to become dominant. I love it. Get cocky with it and just try to land the biggest names possible. Who cares if they are in the 4th league? It's all about the story. Speaking of which, that's why you drop the Netflix documentary. This will be the most watched thing on there outside of The Office, no doubt about it. Who doesn't like Ryan Reynolds and Mac? They are two of the most beloved people in the world. I need to see how decisions are made from two big time actors trying to build a Welsh soccer team. 

Oh and then there's the getting drunk with the fans. No brainer. Absolutely no brainer. Bring some riot juice and become a hooligan. 

Imagine being a fan, just sitting there having a few hundred beers at the local pub and next thing you know Mac and Ryan Reynolds come in. There's no doubt they'd fit right in. I know they are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but it's all about the fact they just seem like regular dudes. They both top of the list of actors you want to have a drink with. And I know it's Rob, but I'm just picturing Mac as the owner here. Writing letters like this to top prospects: 

Think it's pretty clear once this sale goes through we found our Barstool soccer team. Congrats Wrexham, we're on board until you start playing Tottenham.