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Tony La Russa Was Charged With a DUI The Day Before Being Hired As The White Sox Manager And The Team Reportedly Knew About It

My god in heaven, this team continues to be its own worst enemy. 2 steps forward, one step back, like clockwork, non stop. 

I have an old acronym I like to live by: DBAA - don't be an asshole. It's simple, just don't be an asshole. Be cool to everyone, and typically people will be cool to you. 

So that's why I don't give a flying fuck about the political opinions of anyone affiliated with the White Sox and why that was just about reason 1 billion of why I wouldn't hire Tony La Russa. But this... this is just fucking awful. Driving drunk is the dumbest, most selfish thing anyone can do, and it's a completely conscious decision. FUCK OFF if you drive drunk, and especially someone like TLR who's been there, done that already, as he had a DUI back in 2007 or some shit. That, my friends, is being a complete and total ASSHOLE and why I am shaking my goddamn head at this hire. Not because I don't think he can coach anymore - I very much do - but because of the optics surrounding the hire. If he had his DUI in 2007 and paid his dues, fine, whatever... sorta... but this is round II and at that point, you're just a completely and total asshole. 

Say it with me everyone! Tony La Russa - you're an asshole. 

I was excited after interviewing Ron Kittle. I still think he's completely capable of managing this team to a pennant or better. I just won't be able to get over the fact that there was a grade A option in AJ Hinch ripe for the plucking and they went with this 76 year old dickhead who doesn't know how to push "call uber" on his cell phone. It's just so fucking stupid. 

No idea how the White Sox are going to spin this one, but this is just a brutal look. Just go win fucking baseball games and don't do anything stupid where I have to write an angry blog about you again. Thanks

Oh... and to make matters worse.... the organization knew

Not a good look. Not a good look at all. Hope they have their spin zone all good to go for tomorrow. IF and I say IF what the common rumor is true, and Hahn wanted nothing to do with this hire - he's prolly having quite the laugh with himself right now. Told ya so! Only problem there is is that he'll be the one having to face the media music and spin this someway, somehow. 

Jesus Christ what a disaster. Thank god the roster is loaded top to bottom 

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