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The Tables Have Turned With The Murder Hornets. We (Humans) Captured Two Of Their Queens And Have All The Momentum.

Finally some good news. 

CBS - Scientists eradicated the first-ever found Asian giant "murder hornet" nest in the U.S. this week, shortly after discovering it. But two queens managed to evade capture — until now. 

On Wednesday, Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) officials were able to cut down and remove the entire tree that once held the first known Asian giant hornet nest. When they cut into the tree to find the nest, scientists discovered two hornet queens. They posted a video showing the insects crawling inside vials.

WSDA said it is unclear whether both are virgin queens or if one is a virgin queen and one is the old queen, which started the nest. 

Workers from the department had initially used a vacuum on October 24 to capture and kill 85 Asian giant hornets in the nest found in Whatcom County. They captured 13 live hornets for observation and research. 

In a blog post on Friday, WSDA announced that entomologists gathered to split open the log, which had been kept in a walk-in cooler to immobilize any hornets that were still alive. The department also shared new photos of the hornets and their nest. 

The team pumped more carbon dioxide, used in the initial eradication, into the tree, then used a circular saw to cut partially through one side of the tree before splitting it open with a wedge and sledgehammer. 

While examining the nest, the team found several larvae in the comb and white-capped cells with developing adults. Additionally, they uncovered the radio tag that led them to the nest in the first place — which appeared to have been chewed off. 

Scientists said they plan to continue analyzing the contents of the nest over the next several days, as well as actively trying to trap hornets that may still be in the region. 

"There is still time to find another nest this year," WSDA said, adding that citizen scientist trappers in Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and San Juan counties are keeping their traps up until at least Thanksgiving.

As a huge bee guy this just made my fucking day. Possibly month. 

And as a novice level "expert" (oxymoron I know) I can say that even though it might not sound like capturing just 2 of these evil queens is a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it is.

As Chief, Dave, and I were taught on our trip to the apiary, queen bees/hornets are a BIG deal. 

Huge deal.

Without a queen the entire colony falls apart. That's Bees 101. They devolve into anarchy and collapse from the inside out. So these badass scientists with giant brass balls infiltrating this nest with a circular saw, vacuum, and sledgehammer and capturing 2 queens is a major deal. 

Looks at these maniacs

This looks like a mission to Mars.

And look at these little fucking terrorists

The #1 most important thing in the world right now is that these scientists kill these queens and don't do something foolish like keep them alive to study them. 

We all remember how that played out in Independence Day with the captured alien right? 

These things play dead and let you think you're holding all the cards. Then next thing you know when your guard is done there are stingers in your neck and they are laying eggs in the eye sockets of your dead corpse. Your body becomes the next hive for the new colony. 

Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Take a flame thrower to these things. Kill them with fire. Our bee population depends on it and in turn, our human population as well. 

We've got two queens. Don't stop now boys. We've got all the momentum. The murder hornets are on their heels. 

p.s. - sorry if I got a little worked up by this news. I feel like Randy Quaid after just figuring out these things weaknesses.

So fuck you murder hornets. Let me make this crystal clear, actually let my friend Bill Pullman make it crystal clear for you. We will NOT go quietly into the night. 

p.p.s. - laughed out loud at this graphic