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This Zamboni Driver Continuing To Make A Sheet Of Ice While FULLY ON FIRE Is The Toughest Man On The Planet

I can honestly say that in my three years of blogging I've almost never been more excited to write a blog than I am right now. You see, before Barstool Sports I was a Zamboni driver...for a long time. I know that profession like the back of my hand. I know what it takes to prep the machine for a sheet, how hot the water should be (120 degrees), and how to clear both augers in record time while simultaneously making sure you've always got a full charge. I know how to adjust the blade over the crease (two and a quarter up), how much to turn the water down in the corners, and when to crank it back up. I say this not as a joke- I am a fucking fantastic Zamboni driver. Thank you to Bruce and Kenny for showing me the ropes. 

Having said that, for me, watching that guy continue to make a sheet while the Zamboni was literally on fire is not only crazy, it's relatable. Under no circumstances would any Zamboni driver EVER leave that machine in the middle of the ice. Why? Because it'll fuck up your work and there's only once person who'll have to to fix it- you. You'd rather drive that thing off like Nic Cage in Ghost Rider than have to patch a fire-hole a center ice....

The funniest part of the whole thing was the kid saying "how is he on that?!" in the middle of the clip. Well I'll tell ya how, buddy, because he's not hockey tough, he's Zamboni tough. There's a big difference. Hopefully everyone involved was okay and the rink was able to stay on schedule. Got forbid the beer leaguers (OBH where I'm from) lose any time.