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Penguin Mummies Discovered Off Of Antarctica At Ancient Nesting Site

Listen, I expected to read the words "Penguin Mummies" just about as much as you did when I woke up this morning, so I get it if you are shocked at this current moment.  I don't think about really anything other than animals but I didn't realize Penguins could have mummies.  Good thing my close friends over at Business Insider India had the scoop covered for all of us:

So in stupid people terms, it appears as if an old Penguin nesting area got covered with ice hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago and the bodies were frozen in time.  I've heard of mammoths and other ancient organisms being frozen in "permafrost" that preserves them and allows for scientists to get an incredibly rare look at real hair and skin tissue of animals that we would only otherwise have bones of, but I am still not clear of the difference between that and "mummies".  Did Business Insider India betray my trust in them by using this term to rope me in and be interested/blog about this event by using that term?  It is very possible.  

If you are interested in this topic, there are a lot of cool videos and articles about preserved animals.  Check em out: