Adam Gase is Having a Week! His Star RB is Being Passive/Aggressive Online and He's 'Toying' With the Idea of Giving Up Play-Calling.

Source - [A]fter Sunday’s 30-10 loss to the Cardinals ... [Le'Veon] Bell took to Twitter, his favorite outlet, to take passive-aggressive shots at the team and [Adam] Gase. He liked tweets about how poorly the Jets are using him in the passing game and one about how the Jets should trade him.

If only Bell’s feet moved as fast as his thumbs these days.

This is the second time in the last two months he had a Twitter tantrum. Bell whined about being removed from a scrimmage on the social media platform in August, claiming Gase lied about his hamstring tightening up. Bell then injured his hamstring in Week 1 against the Bills and missed the next three games.

Gase said he had yet to speak with Bell about his social media pity party, but said he understood why players get frustrated, especially at 0-5. It is the way Bell chose to deliver the message that chafed Gase. 

“I hate that that’s the route that we go with all this instead of just talking to me about it,” Gase said. “It seems that’s the way guys want to do it nowadays.” 

Source - The New York Jets are 0-5 for the first time since 1996. Things are getting dire for Gang Green.

Adam Gase admitted Monday he's considered giving up play-calling duties in order to better manage games as a head coach with his team still without a win after five weeks. 

"For the last four years, I've toyed with the idea every once in a while," Gase said of handing play-calling duties to an assistant. "I don't think I'm ever opposed to try something to change things up. I'd say everything is on the table at this point."

Remember the early part of last year, when the Jets and Cardinals were both coming off seasons spent wallowing in the fecal sludge at the bottom of the NFL's septic tank and fired their head coaches? The Cardinals had been last in the league in points scored while the Jets were 23rd and both teams were looking for the next great  Sensei to show them the ways of the Offensive Arts? 

Both teams interviewed Kliff Kingsbury and Adam Gase. Arizona chose the former and rejected the latter. The Jets rejected the former and chose the latter. Now the Cardinals are 3-2 in a tough division and top half of the league in most offensive categories. The Jets are 0-5 and at or near the bottom in virtually everything:

  • Points scored: 32nd (even behind Tennessee, who've only played three games)
  • Total yards: 28th
  • Yards per play: 31st
  • 1st downs: 29th
  • Net yards per pass play: 31st
  • Passing TDs: 30th
  • Passer rating: 30th

I could go on, but …

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And now, Gase is being undermined by Le'Veon Bell, the running back he never wanted because he wanted to invest in his offensive line instead. Gase defeated Mike Maccagnan, the GM who signed Bell, in a power struggle that was the front office equivalent of a war between Malta and Monaco. But Gase is still stuck with Bell's 4-year, $52.5 million contract as well as his utter lack of respect for all things Adam Gase. So Bell is spending his free time on the social medias making his coach's life even more miserable than life itself has. While Maccagnan is blissfully out of his misery somewhere far removed from the chaos.

Then with this announcement he's even "toying" with the idea of handing the callsheet over to someone else, Gase has put himself in a box from which there is no way out. He either continues to keep the duties, in which case he comes off as stubborn. Or he lets his OC Dowell Loggains call the plays and he fails too. Or things improve, which will only shine a beacon on his own ineptitude. All outcomes produce the same result: He's fired. In "Star Trek" terms, this is the Kobayashi Maru: The unwinnable scenario. 

It's getting to the point where I almost feel bad for the man. No one deserves such a cruel fate. And that's not a sentiment that comes easy to me when we're talking about the HC of the NYJs. On the one hand, I feel like with coaches already losing their jobs, the humane thing would be to put Gase out of his misery as well. But on the other, few things in this world give me more joy than watching this franchise hit rock bottom and then just keep drilling down. So what the hell. Keep Gase around. Let him give up the play calling. And by all means don't trade Le'Veon Bell. I'm fascinated to see how low this could go.