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As Chief Reported Earlier, Kamala Harris Claimed "Tupac Is Her Favorite Rapper Alive". But This Isn't The First Time She's Been Caught Lying When It Comes To Music

Barstool Chicago - Tupac is alive. Kamala Harris is a powerful person from California. She runs in the type of high circles in California that would know the truth about Tupac. She knows all about the cremator who just up and vanished after he said a 6’3 linebacker body was actually the 5’10 170lbs Tupac.

We're talking all-time campaign slip up here. Right up there with-

Howard Dean- 

Rick Perry - 

Ross Perot's boy James Stockdale - 

Bob Dole - 

Everything Sarah Palin- 

and Dukakis' tank - 

I know, I know. A politician being exposed as a huckster comes as a shock to us all. 

Especially in 2020 when things in Washington seem to have cleaned up so much…

But upon further review, this isn't the first time Senator Harris has caught herself in a lie in regards to music. 

Complex -  During a 2019 appearance on The Breakfast Club, Harris told the hosts that she had smoked weed during her college years. She was then asked what kind of music she would listen to while getting high. Her answer? "Definitely Snoop Dogg, uh-huh. 2Pac for sure," she said, before naming Cardi B as one of her current favorite artists.

Social media users immediately pointed out that both Snoop and Pac made their debuts years after Harris had left college. Her campaign, however, insisted Harris was not lying. According to the New York Times, members of her campaign said Harris' Snoop and Pac answer was in response to a question by D.J. Envy, who asked, "What does Kamala Harris listen to?"

Envy's question was somewhat hard to hear because Charlamagne tha God had immediately interjected with his own question about who she listened to while she smoked in college.

Now I admit I have dogshit hearing. But I've listened to this video 20 times and cannot make out Envy's supposed question at any point. I do however hear Charlamagne ask point-blank, "what were you listening to when you were high?" followed by the "Snoop and Tupac" response. Both of whose debut's occurred post-graduation for Senator Harris.

Not here trying to nitpick or pile on. Just pointing out some major pandering because I despise phonies. Either you still get blunted and listen to Death Row, which is absolutely, totally fine, in fact I wouldn't even be mad, I think I'd respect it- 

or you were trying to sound cool to your audience and faked the funk. (Shaq & Bill Rusell's #1 rule)

I fully expect, "Senator Harris, I think you might have something you'd like to clear up. So my first question is do you still "smoke weed everyday"? And are you down with The Row?"  to be the first question posed to her at the VP debate on Wednesday, October 7th.