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Dave Grohl Went And Wrote A Whole Song For Nandi (The 10-Year-Old Drummer He's Battling)!

Alright, so if you're not caught up on this whole saga, White Sox Dave put together a good recap of Round 1 here:

Basically, this incredible 10-year-old drummer named Nandi Bushell challenged Dave Grohl to a virtual drum battle, and Dave not only accepted, but threw it back at her to keep it going, because he's the friggin best - I mean DUH, c'mon, he's Dave fucking Grohl - we knew this by now.

Nandi responded....


I'm sure this was nothing more than a fun afternoon for Dave and his daughters, and they may forget about it by tomorrow, but for Nandi?! This is gonna be a video she's playing and replaying for the rest of her life! She'll be showing this to her grandkids someday! This is one of the most legendary rockstars of all time (and one of the last of his kind) fucking around and writing a song that portrays Nandi as a drumming superhero….I can't imagine anything cooler as a 10-year-old. Good for her, and good on Grohl!

P.S. We as a society can't let White Sox Dave blog about Dave Grohl anymore. I really like Dave and enjoy playing Call of Duty with him a lot (unlike The General), but the guy is constantly talking about how overrated Nirvana is and how meh Dave Grohl's musicianship is, then acts like this big fan! It's nuts! He actually calls him a "jack of all trades, master of none" as if he isn't easily one of the greatest, most influential, and revolutionary drummers of all time, and STILL puts Grohl on his list of people he'd most love to grab a beer with. It's bananas and I don't understand it at all. I don't even think someone as cool as Grohl would stay for the whole beer if he heard that.