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#RelatableGolfContent: Jon Rahm, Come On Down!

Come on down, Jon Rahm! Welcome to #RelatableGolfContent. The place where weekend hackers get to relate to the best golfers in the world, if only for a brief second. Earlier this week at the Tour Championship we had the number four ranked player in the world make it to the show 

And today we had the number two ranked player in the world make it onto #RelatableGolfContent. Jon Rahm SMASHING his ball into the lip of a fairway bunker. Kind of a miracle the ball didn't get lodged into the lip given how hard Rahm hit the ball. But nevertheless, it's alway enjoyable to see a player of Rahm's caliber do something every one of us has done before.

The most surprising part of that clip is that a Rahm Bomb didn't go off. I would've bet my bottom dollar that Rahm was gonna give that bunker a people's elbow. Jon Rahm run very very very hot on the golf course and it doesn't take much to set him off. Rahm has the type of temper where it feels like there's real violence in the air whenever he gets made. But......nothing happened today. A Labor Day weekend miracle. I wonder if Rahm's bomb diffuser mental coach gets a bonus every time he doesn't have a meltdown. If he does, pay that many his money.