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Barcelona's President Could Go To PRISON If Messi Leaves Due To 'Mishandling Assets' - Sooo, How Can We Apply This To James Dolan?

Talk about an all-time twist in this Messi saga. Now, sure, there's less than a 1% chance that Barcelona's president goes to jail, but the fact the threat is still out there makes it perfect. Mishandling assets? How the fuck can I get James Dolan involved here? No one has mishandled assets more than James Dolan. Shit, he should be in jail for the Andrea Bargnani trade alone. This is just something we need to adapt from European soccer and bring it to American sports. Oh, you ruined a legend and you made dumb decisions? You're outta here and in prison. It doesn't even have to be a real prison, literally create a fake prison for shitty owners and front office guys. 

I'm just so fascinated in this whole thing. Messi leaving Barcelona is bigger than Durant joining the Warriors. It's up there with LeBron leaving for the Heat and probably a bigger deal from the world sports standpoint. Now you have his dad taking meetings. You have fans storming the training facility. You have Messi refusing to show up for training. You have court and lawsuits coming and now the potential of prison. It's unreal. It's truly THIS LEAGUE that we joke about with the NBA all the time. 

And then, you know, let me know how we can Dolan involved here. That would save the Knicks.