Clouds Weigh An Estimated 1.1 MILLION Pounds

Yesterday afternoon I was having relatively intense Sunday scaries about my life and the state of the world and whathaveyou. I thought to myself, "Ryan, you need to chill the fuck out right now" so I did and had a delicious raspberry 3Chi gummy to take the edge off. It worked. I sank into my couch and was peacefully looking at clouds as they floated by my window. My mind started to drift off into weird places and I decided to google how much a cloud weighs. I mean how much could it possibly be? It floats in the sky. If you think about things that can float in the sky without any motor(I don't have the capacity to talk about airplanes right now. It's way too fucking intense) they're all pretty light, like a plastic bag. Maybe a cloud weighs like 50 lbs because its so big. Like a million plastic bags worth...WRONG

1,100,000 MILLION POUNDS or...100 elephants. You ever see a video of a trained circus elephant stepping on a man's chest? Well now every time a cloud goes by I want you to think of a 100 elephants doing that to you all at once. 

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Coley brought up a good point too

It's absurd. 

I know there is an answer to this question but if clouds are so heavy and they're made up of water which is more dense than air then how does it float? Feels like the clouds should just be on the ground at all times because nothing is keeping them up there. Anyways, that was a fact that more people should know. Have a good day.