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Ex-Disney Star and Award Winning Adult Film Director Bella Thorne Joined OnlyFans and Promptly Caused It to Crash

[Troy McClure voice] "Hello, this is Bella Thorne. You may remember her from such TV shows as "Shake It Up" and films like "The Duff" or her directorial debut in PornHub's "Him & Her":

Well now she's embarked on a new endeavor. And it promises to be quite lucrative for her, if she doesn't break the internet in the process. 

Page Six - Former Disney star-turned-Pornhub director Bella Thorne has joined adult site OnlyFans with the delightful bio line “I’m your bitch.”

We’re not exactly sure what she’s offering, but a subscription costs $102 for six months. Lucky fans can even buy her gifts from her list, which includes a $99.99 dog bed, a hammock, a three-bottle liquor dispenser and Christmas inflatables, including one of Santa Claus riding a polar bear.

The site briefly crashed when the “My Own Worst Enemy” actress launched her page with a bikini paired with a diamond-encrusted necklace spelling “sex.”

What a time to be alive. Social media continues to be the greatest invention in human history after the wheel and agriculture. And even they couldn't earn one individual a million a month without lifting a finger. Just for taking videos of herself and being a bunch of strangers' (her word, not mine) bitch. Socials are the most democratizing force in the history of the human race. Giving people what they want, when they want it. Connecting people who will never meet in a way that benefits them both. And making people with Bella Thorne's natural talent filthy rich by giving the people what they want. 

And judging by the response, they want to watch Bella to an extent that is too much for the internet to handle. Not that you can blame them. 


All you can do is tip your cap and be happy for all involved that this thing between Bella and her OnlyFans followers will be a long and prosperous friendship. And that they invest in faster internet.