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Growing Pains: The Washington Football Team Made Their Official Hashtag "#1932", Despite The Fact You Can't Hashtag Numbers


AA - Today, the Washington Football Team (as they’re going by for the upcoming season, until a new name is selected) attempted to launch a new Twitter hashtag: #1932, commemorating the founding of the team. Unfortunately, whoever was in charge of this decision failed to note one very important feature of Twitter hashtags: they can’t consist solely of numbers.

By 10:30 AM, the team had already been forced to delete that tweet and head back to the drawing board.




I fucking love this team. Every time I think I'm out, they pull me right back in! Look, nobody said changing the entire culture was going to be easy. You have 2 decades of Dan Snyder to erase…while he's still in the building, no less! We're trying though, that's for sure. I was hesitant at first, but I can say with 43% confidence they are actually trying to completely overhaul the brand and identity and culture. Now you might be thinking 43% confidence sounds low, but considering that's a 43% increase in confidence, it's actually pretty high! 

But there will be growing pains, like announcing your official hashtag as #1932 without even checking to see if it will work as a hashtag. Like…I assume high ranking executives had to sign off on this. Meetings had to be held. Probably a vote or two. A hashtag is a major part of a team's marketing plan. Twitter and IG are very important these days. And they didn't even check to see if their hashtag would work. Amazing. I fucking love this team. 

But credit where credit is due, everyone is learning as they are going. Like "ohhhh, we shouldn't sexually harass the women who work here? Well that's new!" "We shouldn't trade a 3rd round pick for Brandon Lloyd? Interesting!" "We should actually learn the rules of Twitter before developing a marketing plan around a hashtag that doesn't even work? Well I'll be darned!" It's baby steps. We get to watch a team become a real NFL franchise right in front of our eyes. Or fail miserably! 

If I had to guess, we'll fall somewhere in between. You can only do so much with Lil Dan Dan ultimately in charge. Fool me once, fool me 150 times, I won't be fooled again. We've seen him try to step away, he just can't do it. His stink will always be on this franchise. But hopefully, just hopefully, that Washington Post article, the 2 decades losing, the empty stadium, and the indifferent fan base is enough to make him just TRY to do it differently this time. I honestly don't think he has it in him to let go though. He's too egotistical, too Napoleonic, to completely change. But hey, I'm 43% confident, so who knows!