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Phil Mickelson's Morning Coffee Routine Is A Goddamn Science Experiment

Fucking Phil man. What a guy. You know how Bryson says he's aiming to live to be 140 years old? Well I think Phil Mickelson is out here actively trying to make it happen. I can't pronounce 90% of the things Pihl puts in his coffee but you have to assume he's talked to the best doctors in the world about what to put in his morning coffee for longevity. You know what I put in my morning coffee? Nothing. I like my coffee black and Phil has me thinking I'm gonna die at 40 because of it. I couldn't help but laugh when he started breaking open pills and pouring them into the cup. That was some wild shit but that's a guy who wants to live forever.

Phil even chimed in when we talked about Bryson's Quest For 140 on the podcast 

And why wouldn't Phil want to extend his life? He's Phil fucking Mickelson. We talked about it on today's Fore Play but something happens to super rich and famous people where they'll do just about anything to live longer. And like I said, why wouldn't they? Their lives are AWESOME. Phil Mickelson's life is amazing but he's already 50 years old. Of course he'd wanna extend his life of being a famous professional golfer and extremely wealthy. If I had to place a wager right now I'd put my money on Phil out living Bryson. Just a gut feeling.