Taxi Driver Attacks Passenger For Farting Too Much In Cab, Claims He "Lost Rationality Momentarily" After Being Arrested

As someone who almost exclusively deals in awkward situations; taxi rides are right up there in terms of the most awkward exchanges. Not that anything about riding in the back of a yellow is cringe-worthy, per se. It's more of a personal thing. There's just something about sitting in defeating silence whilst I frantically scroll twitter and Instagram - to give the illusion that I'm busy, like a normal human, so I don't have to talk to the driver - that feels awkward.

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So you could only imagine that adding a small burst of methane gas to the mix is detrimental to every party involved. Awkward levels skyrocket creating a sort of awkward tension in the air. Which, of course, could only possibly lead to disaster...


Recently, an incident occurred where a taxi driver seriously injured a passenger when they got into an argument because the passenger kept farting.

On August 3rd KST, the Yeonjae police station in Busan revealed they had requested an arrest warrant for a taxi driver in his 50s on the charges of attempted murder.

You could understand a stern talking to, maybe a few giggles by the driver immediately followed by rosy red cheeks of embarrassment from the farter. Attempted murder, however, is a tad much. Had it been a situation where a little anus juice comes out in sync with said fart, you could understand the frustration from the driver. A normal fart just doesn't feel like enough for attempted murder. There would have to be a Mount Everest of shit in the back of my cab in order to push me into trying to murder another human being. 

The taxi driver, Mr. A, is suspected of stabbing a passenger in his 20s with a weapon more than 10 times on the road near Mangmi Station in Suyeong, Busan.

The passenger, Mr. B, is currently being treated at a hospital for serious injuries such as damaged organs but his life is not at risk.

Not to use an overused gif or anything but:

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According to the police, Mr. A opened the windows and warned Mr. B to be mindful of his farts as Mr. B constantly farted. However, Mr. B became offended and argued back. This is when the argument started between the taxi driver and the passenger. Mr. A had a knife used for fishing in his car that he had kept in order to go fishing the next day. Mr. A used that knife to wield it as a weapon against Mr. B and stabbed him multiple times.

Ok. Firstly, what the fuck? Secondly, what the fuck?

Talk about having some high fucking standards. Mr. A (the taxi driver) has set the bar pretty high and is apparently very strict about his flatulence rules. Have you ever tried "maintaining" a fart? It's impossible. Whenever I try and "maintain" a fart I just get chilling flashbacks to middle school and high school where if you happened to make a sound even close to a fart, the whole class just laughed at you. On occasion, you could successfully suppress the sound of the fart as to not draw attention to yourself, but the smell is always there. 

So realistically Mr. B couldn't have done anything to please Mr. A except getting the fuck out of the taxi because farts don't have a schedule. Farts do what farts want. That's what the driver is missing here, he clearly doesn't understand how the human body works. It's either that or Mr. A is superhuman incapable of releasing gas from his butthole therefore he doesn't get the social construct of farting and the understanding that everyone, in fact, farts. 

Either way, it shouldn't result in some innocent farter getting stabbed. Just crack a window and laugh about it. Most people find farts hilarious which is why this is so shocking to me. 

Mr. A stated, "I think I lost my rationality momentarily" as he admitted to his crimes.

Uhhh ya think? Picking up your fishing knife and trying to solve it is not the best way to handle the situation. Thankfully Mr. B is gonna be alright. Hopefully, that giant piece of shit Mr. A gets locked up for a long while and develops a chronic farting disease - almost like hiccup girl - that causes him to fart non-stop all day. That would be true justice. 

PS - Mr. A and Mr. B are the worst fake names of all time.