At Long Last, Juan Soto Has Rejoined The Nats


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God damn what a process to get Juan Soto back on the field after his positive test that was more than likely a false positive. Had to pass all of MLBs protocols, then had to be reinstated by the DC government who took their sweet ass time on that, costing him another game, and then the canceled series because nobody can stop themselves from going to bars and casinos, and now, on August 4th, Juan Soto will finally play a baseball game. Good gravy.

One way of looking at it is he only missed 7 games. Hah. That's not even a good way of looking at it. Because that's over 10% of the regular season, including winnable games vs the Yankees where his bat in the lineup would have changed everythingggg. 

But that's this season for ya. Every team has weird shit going on. Opt outs, COVID cases out their assholes, playing home games on the road, canceled series, and much more. This is a real season according to MLB but a fucking wild card of a season to everyone else. And now there are hurricanes blowing up and down the east coast threatening to suspend more games. We're going to have 7 inning double headers until the cows come home.

So hey. At least they're doing their best. Hah, nah, they aren't even doing that. Most are, I want to believe. And I try to give them some credit/leeway because it's nearly impossible to plan out a baseball season during a pandemic. You have no idea what to expect. But they've been pretty shitty at it thus far if you compare it to the NBA and NHL. Now, thankfully for MLB, the NFL is just lurking in the shadows, preparing to show if it's possible to do it worse. Hopefully the NFL learns from this…but I'm not betting on it.

Oh…and Soto isn't in tonight's lineup. But he is available to pinch hit. So that's a start. This fuckin' season, man.