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Michael Porter Jr. Shares His Conspiracy Theory About COVID-19 Being Nothing More Than Propaganda To Control The Masses

"Facts." - ancient proverb used by a man about to speak exclusively sans facts.

Everyone knows I love a good conspiracy as much as the next fella. Aliens? The pyramids? A portal to other dimensions located in Antarctica? Sign me up. Michael Porter Jr.'s incoherent ramblings about a faceless "them" controlling the masses for no gain or purpose via COVID-19? I don't see it. But I'm putting the blame on the storyteller here and not the fable. Maybe it has legs. Maybe there's some unchewed meat on that bone, but MPJ brought no sizzle with this steak. Also, this is where I'd like to remind everyone that the NBA is NOT drug testing inside the bubble. And while plenty of people are jumping on Porter Jr. for downplaying the seriousness of a mysterious disease that's claimed the lives of 150,000 Americans and counting, I would like to point out that after he called it a hoax and boasted about never being vaccinated for anything at any point in his life he *did* call it a "serious thing." I'm ready to declare him a medical doctor after that prognosis, maybe you aren't, that's your call. 

Speaking of Michael Porter Jr. never being vaccinated, maybe ol' brittle bones should look into it. Maybe the entire Porter Jr. clan should take a family trip to the doctor because I've never seen such a beleaguered family tree. Two minutes into Porter Jr.'s hyped college career he fucked up his back, when he returned the 6'10" forward couldn't dunk. That dropped his draft stock to the point where he fell into the Nuggets hands. MPJ's brother, Jontay Porter, was also considered a top NBA prospect before tearing his ACL... and then tearing his ACL again while rehabbing his previously mentioned torn ACL. Why these people are so intent on railing against modern medicine is beyond me but I respect their ability to look science in its four-eyed face and call these people nerds over and over again. Because at the end of the day there's only two types of people in this word: jocks and nerds. Micael Porter Jr. is a jock, and it's his duty to bash nerds frequently and without reservation. He's holding up his end of the bargain, there's no arguing that.