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The Celtics Bubble Court Looks Even Better Than I Imagined

What, too many Celtics blogs? Guess who has two thumbs and gives exactly zero (0) shits

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This is basically the best day of my life during this entire quarantine/hiatus/hell that is 2020 so you're just going to have to accept that I'm blogging anything and everything Celtics related today. Let me have this. Sorry to any salty Sixers or Lakers fan that for some reason clicked on this blog even though you hate this team, but that's just how today is going to go. 

Now I understand that technically this is the same court as everyone else just with the Celts video graphics because they are the "home" team today, but it still looks sweet as hell. Something about the green and the logo just do it for me. I'm also wondering if they are previewing GINO TIME does that mean this is making its way to Orlando?

Oh hell yes. I cannot wait for their first blowout win so we can all relive the magic that is GINO after such a long time away. If that happens tonight I'm going to be even more insufferable on Twitter than normal, I just want that known and I apologize for nothing.

I wonder if we'll see the team do something similar to what the Heat did in their scrimmage with having videos of fans cheering, that was kinda weird but also not the worst idea. If we just get the colors and logo though that's fine by me because you won't find a more visually appealing combination in the league. Pair that with the home whites and it's going to go from six to midnight real goddamn quick in Casa de Greenie. 

Seeing what these teams are doing for "home court advantage" gave me this thought though for when the playoffs actually start. Obviously there are numerous courts that are being used for these games, so wouldn't it be better if once we got into a playoff series that a team was given a certain court as their "home court"? That brings a sense of "travel" back into the series. I like that better than just changing the video graphics. Is this already the plan and I just missed it? That's entirely possible, but there has to be a way to logistically make that work. 

Alright, we're about 4 hours from tip. Of all the days for the clock to refuse to move, I find it rather rude that this is taking so long. I don't remember the day taking this long on either of the first two scrimmage days so what the hell. Hurry up.