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DOC! HE'S BACK! THE TWO TIME BACK TO BACK 1993-1994 BLOCKBUSTER CHAMPION! After what's been months (really felt like years) of wondering what the hell was going on during his final stream, Dr. Disrespect has risen from the ashes to release this comeback video! Just to go more into detail about his last stream, there were many rumors circulating the web that Dr. Disrespect was ALLEGEDLY banned from twitch due to sexual allegations. There were also rumors about tax evasion. Basically there's been a lot of shit thrown at him but nothing has been confirmed. 

So, what does this mean?? Sadly, I don't know. But I would assume everything is ok and Doc will get back to opening up the Champions club to stream away. Where will he be streaming? From this quote, it appears he will no longer be affiliated with Twitch. 

Can the Stooliganze sign him on for a few million?? Smitty and Doc tag teaming Gametime would be unreal. We need the Doc more than ever and I can't be more pumped about his return after watching this video. Violence, speed, momentum baby. 

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