Jordan. Brady. Gretzky. Ruth. Bananas.

I'm pretty sure Johnny Bananas comfortably sealed up the title of Challenge GOAT a few years ago. CT may have had him from an entertainment perspective by trying to eat off people's faces or shoving bananas in a backpack. Evan and Kenny had the potential to sit atop the throne if they never disappeared from the show. Even Alton and Landon are usually brought up when talking about physical freaks that nobody would want to face in an elimination or final.

But only one dude brought together the physical side of the game needed to win challenged with the mental side of the game to get the politics game to break his way along with the entertainment side of the game to actually be invited back ever season and can truly wear the crown of GOAT. 

You want rings? Bananas has 7 of them, most in Challenge history.

You want money? Bananas is once again the all-time leader in straight cash homie won on The Challenge.

You want entertainment? Bananas has been a part of many of the biggest and best Challenge moments.

(Including some where he got embarrassed)

Even having a tweet ready to fire out with seven rings on his fingers and a shirt he is selling on his store for $77.77 is next level showmanship and cockiness for the Cerebral Assassin. He is officially the Brady, Jordan, Gretzky, and Ruth of his sport. 5 GOATs for the 5 major US sports. And if you have a problem with that, it should be because some of the other guys on that list may not be worthy of being listed in the same breath as Johnny Bananas: GOAT of The Challenge.

Speaking of Bananas, he joined me and the fellas on No Quitters to talk about this season, the final, TJ Lavin, the new competitors, and The Challenge in general. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or listen below on Spotify then rate 5 stars because it rules. Don't take my word for it though. Take the GOATs word for it.