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Get Throwback Thursday Rolling With The Greatest 90s/00s Playlist Ever From This Season Of The Challenge On MTV

I'm sure many people will point to better throwback playlists than this scattered around the interwebs or will point out a few newer songs in the mix. But watching this slowly come together one song at a time week after week on The Challenge was the best thing I've watched since CT turned Johnny Bananas into a backpack. Not only are there a ton of retro bangers on there but there is legitimate balance. You get the hard stuff with Korn and Rob Zombie, slow it down with Jewel, have DMX and Nelly get the party going, include one hit legends like Eagle Eye Cherry and Chumbawamba, while also making sure you have 90s fixtures like Hootie and The Offspring (double Offspring sealed the deal for me here). You know what? They should make a channel all about music and call it Music Television. What a novel concept!

All jokes aside, listening to that list took me back to the glory days of watching The Challenge, which seems to be getting back to form in a big way after a very entertaining season to go with the last few seasons. For all the talk about nostalgia and the OGs, there were plenty of newer faces that have helped The Challenge reach #BACK status, even though the straw the stirs the drink is still a Banana.

Speaking of which, we broke down last night's Challenge finale on No Quitters and were lucky to be joined by Johnny Bananas about halfway through. So check it out and subscribe/rate 5 stars on iTunes or Spotify if you enjoyed the pod.