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Dad Of The Year Hangs Son Off Of A Cliff For The Gram

You know what? I'm surprisingly okay with this. Yeah if he falls he's dead, but dad's not gonna drop him. His grip is so tight on those hands he even gave him a little shake to get him to pay attention at the eleven second mark. Not only that, he's got his anchor man standing directly behind him just incase he loses his footing... 

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 1.15.15 PM.png

This will go down as nothing more than a cherished family vacation memory between father and son. Just like that time Michael dangled Blanket out of a window except this has the benefit of being able to see what was going on...

I will say though, it was a little concerning not seeing a single mask in the frame. Gotta do better in that department otherwise I'm a-okay with everything going on in that video.