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LET HER SHOOT: Is The WNBA Bubble Actually A Trap House?

Fam... is that a RAT TRAP CHILLING on the window sill?? 

When they said bubble... I don't think people thought they meant water bubbles in the carpet with worms galivanting on the hotel floor. 


This is one of the 3 meals provided per day to players. This looks like a 4-day old fajita special from an Applebee's off of Route 17 in bohunk, USA. 

Bruh, are you fucking kidding me? If I was on the Sparks and trying to compete for a title in the middle of the pandemic, used to living in a place like LA LA land where the food is fresh and the beach is near, the LAST place I would want to be was in this WNBA bubble. Even if I played for the Houston Comets, where Corona is spiking at record levels, I'd be like nah, I'm good. 

More information is coming out that multiple players have found bed bugs in their hotel rooms at the IMG academy. Breanna Stewart even shared it on her IG Story. 

Giphy Images.

To me, this scene looks like what SNL would create to exaggerate satirically and point out the differences between how male and female professionally athletes are treated… NOT reality. 

Actually, to be real, this looks like a trap house… As someone who grew up in an area where there were dilapidated homes were used to cook and slang drugs, I know a trap house when I fucking see one. 

And for those who say "Trysta, NBA players make SO MUCH MORE MONEY than the WNBA"… I know this. 

No one is mad that the facilities aren’t equal. It just happens that the WNBA players would maybe like rooms that aren’t covered in bugs with rat infested laundry rooms. 

Maybe I'm bougjie but I don’t think that’s a lot to ask for, especially when players have to quarantine in their rooms for the next 14 days.