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A Perfectly Executed Bicycle Kick Goal Is The Coolest Play In Soccer...But What About Every Other Major Sport?


Soccer Nate doesn't come out often, but when he does, it's because something cool like Freddy Adu leading the US Men's National Team to victory happened, or DC United winning the premier league, or something of that sort. Well Soccer Nate is back today because a perfect bicycle kick goal took place, and I've always, always thought a perfectly executed bicycle kick is one of the coolest things you can do in all of sports.

I don't even know what to compare it to. If we compare it to baseball it's a lot like a robbed home run in the "wow" factor. I feel like a bicycle kick goal is a lot like Kenny Lofton jumping over the fence to take away a homer. 



Or a triple to left field, which I think is the most exciting play in all of baseball. 




The basketball equivalent? Easy.



I was thinking about maybe the self alley-oops, but Gerald Green's windmill is as beautiful as the bicycle kick and it requires a pass like the bicycle kick.


Hockey? I hate giving him credit but I mean…filthy. 




And football? This has taken me some time to think about. Is it a toe drag for a TD? A shifty run? A perfectly executed option play? Or maybe just all of Reggie Bush's college highlights? Let's go with that.