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In Honor Of Vince Carter Officially Retiring, The Definitive Rankings Of His Best Dunks

Alright, we know Vince is retiring, because, well it's been that way all year. But now that it's official it's time to do the important thing. We need to argue about his best dunks. There's no doubt that he's best in-game dunker for me and our era as well as the peak slam dunk contest participant. 

We obviously won't include his dunk contest dunks, strictly in-game. There's a clear No. 1 and No. 2 answer for me. But after rewatching some of his other dunks, there's a list of about 10-15 you can make a case for spots 3-5. This is what I have though: 

5. 360 vs the Cavs

To me this just highlights Vince being an in-game dunker. Breaking out a 360, the little celebration, it just reminds me of Vince. The dude just made stuff like this look too easy.

4. Challenging Dikembe at the rim

I know this wasn't peak Dikembe, but this was still All-Star, finger wagging Dikembe. Vince just didn't care. He had that extra leap almost halfway through his jump. The image of him just towering over Dikembe will never stop being ridiculous. 

3. Baseline pump against Pacers

This is just absolutely ridiculous. I honestly forgot about this when I was thinking about his dunks off the top of my head. Driving baseline and then pulling off the pump while really dropping the ball down to his knees. Just absurd. This is a dunk people do in the dunk contest and people would lose their minds in 2000. 

2. Flat out embarrassing Alonzo Mourning

The clear No. 2 pick here. You can see it coming a mile away too. The wraparound move to get It behind his back and away from Jason Williams. The moment he does that you can see the lane just wide open for him. Shit he even looks at Zo before he takes off knowing what's about to happen. But a clear No. 2 because: 

1. Frederic Weis

The greatest dunk in the history of basketball. There's something fitting about it coming with him wearing a Team USA jersey too. But ending Frederic Weis' career with this one dunk. Jumping over a 7-footer. I mean there's just nothing like it. It's the best. 

So happy retirement to Vince. Let me know your favorite Vince dunk.