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Never Forget Perhaps The Greatest Father's Day Commercial Ever Made

First and foremost, happy Father's Day to all the Dad's and single Mom's out there. I hope everyone is able to spend the day with those they love and all that. If you're someone who maybe forgot to call their Dad this morning, we'll give you a minute. 




OK we're back. On a day like today your social feeds are going to be filled with people putting up pictures of their Dad and writing a sappy message, and while that's cool to see I also couldn't help but love when the video above came on my timeline. What a fantastic commercial and honestly I forgot it even happened. Considering that was only 3 years ago I'm not sure what that says about my brain these days, but it was too good to not throw on the blog quickly for everyone else to get a nice little chuckle on this fine Sunday. 

The best part about this commercial for me is you know Lonzo isn't acting. He's 100000% genuine in each one of his digs at LaVar. I think that's what makes this so funny to me. Not just his demeanor, but looking back with hindsight given all we know in 2020, it makes it his lines hit that much better.


Look at young Tatum! Man they grow up so fast