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The Snyder Cut Teaser Trailer for 'Justice League' is Here!

So it's officially official. The "Snyder Cut" of "Justice League" has been the stuff of legend. A long-teased internet rumor/fan campaign/conspiracy theory has long held that there was a cut of "Justice League" that actually made sense of original director Zach Snyder's vision for the film, instead of the disjointed, pointless, grim, plot hole-filled slog that was released to theaters and is currently playing at like 11 a.m. Saturdays on basic cable.

The reports have been debunked, un-debunked, clarified and hinted at by the director. And yet here we are a the teaser trailer stage. It's a long and complicated history that began when the studio was already interfering with Snyder's production after the disaster that was "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." Which I still watch from time to time, just to give me a nerd rage. Then partway through filming, Snyder had a personal family tragedy that required him to leave the project. One of my geek godkings Joss Whedon was brought in to finish the movie. He did what Joss Whedon does, which is punch up the script, lighten it up, add the jokes and the quips. And what resulted was two different movies sort of mashed together in a way that made almost zero narrative sense. In that way that they say a camel is a horse built by a committee. 

The latest rumor I'd heard was that there was no "Snyder's Cut" all ready to go, sitting in a can somewhere ready to be released. It needs major reshoots with the original cast and to CGI in the the comic book villain he wanted to go with and so on. But that HBO was shelling out $30 million to Snyder to once and for all salvage this thing and turn it into what he intended it to be all along. This trailer doesn't show us much - other than Gal Gadot, who actually is quite a bit - but at least we know for sure it's happening. Let's hope the second time is the charm. Because between "Man of Steel," "BvS," "Suicide Squad" and the first attempt at "Justice League," this whole DC Cinematic Universe has used up all its mulligans.