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UT Frat Bro Says Jon Hamm Literally Set Him On Fire When He Was Pledging Sig Nu

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Daily Mail – Mad Men star Jon Hamm’s secret college bullying shame has been exposed by court documents unearthed from the actor’s time at the University of Texas at Austin.

According to shocking arrest warrants and summons seen by Star magazine, the 44-year-old Golden Globe winner allegedly set fire to one pledge after viciously beating him and using a claw hammer to drag him by his genitals during a hazing ritual gone wrong.

The documents claim that Hamm, 44, was eventually charged with assault in connection with the sadistic November 1990 initiation, but he managed to get the charges dismissed before he began his ascent to superstardom.

According to the explosive court documents, Hamm was in his sophomore year at UT-Austin when a prospective 21-year-old pledge was called to the Sigma Nu house at 2.30am.

When he got there, according to Travis County Court documents, Hamm – who was then aged 20 – and other frat brothers ominously told him, ‘It’s going to be a long night!’ The unidentified junior was then allegedly subjected to two hours of brutal physical attacks as part of his fiery baptism into the fraternity.

The alleged victim told police that Hamm and other members hit him with a paddle 30 times and then lifted the pledge off the floor by his underwear, ‘pulling it back and forth in a sawing motion’, causing ‘great pain’.

The pledged then claimed that Hamm led him to a basement ‘Pit’ where he slammed the junior’s face into the ground while he was doing push-ups and then allegedly stood on his spine with his full weight.

Shockingly, after this, Hamm is then supposed to have set fire to the pledge’s pants and refused to let him pat the flames down, but instead made him blow them out.

At the end of the vicious hazing ritual, the pledge was taken to a part of the frat house called the ‘Party Room’ where Hamm ‘hooked the claw of a hammer underneath his genitals and led him by the hammer around the room’.

Eight warrants were issued for Hamm and seven other frat members, which was shut down for a time after the alleged incident.
Three members of Sigma Nu were sentenced to 30 days in prison for the hazing ritual and Hamm was eventually hit with hazing and assault charges in 1991.

Uh yeah dude I didn’t need “explosive” court documents and allegations to tell me that Jon Hamm was a crazy bastard in college. Look at him. Guy has frat boy bully oozing out of every pore of his body. Like the living combination of Douglas Niedermeyer mixed with Fred O’Bannion with way more perfectly coifed hair. Seriously how do you think he plays all his roles to absolute perfection? Because he’s barely even acting. Allegedly.

Also how pussy do today’s fraternities feel right now after reading this? Serving out their semester probations for making pledges do pushups and clean the puke out of their apartments. Meanwhile back in 1991 Jon Hamm was dragging pledges around by their ballsacks with a claw hammer then literally setting them on fire. Allegedly.