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This Man Giving A Play-By-Play Over The Video Of Him Getting Jumped Is Oscar Worthy

It's 2020. There's no more lying about how a fight went since everyone in the world has a camera attached to their hand at all hours of every day. You can't Paul Bunyan your shit anymore and make it seem like it was something it wasn't. "Oh it was 20-to-1 and I mopped up the first 18 but the last two caught me while I wasn't looking so that's why I'm drinking steak through a straw for the next six months. But you should see how those other 18 caught it they're much worse off than I." That's dead and buried. So I greatly appreciate someone knowing there's a video of them out there floating around of them getting jumped by an entire neighborhood and having the decency to provide some context, some back story, some color commentary to go along with the visuals. Granted, he held his own in this fight so it wasn't as if he took some grand ass whooping that had him laying up in a hospital bed. Considering the odds leaving this skirmish with a tattered shirt and a knockout feels like a victory. But I need post-fight commentary to become the normal. Like I said everyone has the technology and capabilities to cut something up with relative ease. And if you know there's footage of you getting mopped up out there the best way to try and control that narrative is by making fun of yourself and trying to get some jokes off.

PS - Shoutout this entire neighborhood for having such structure in their street brawls. It's both rare and appreciated to not just see an all out jumping, which by the numbers here would have been much easier to pull off. Once he ducked that first sneak attack it was agreed upon quickly that a fair one would be shot and once they lost that fair one, then it became a brief free for all. Which feels fair. Yeah you won the fight we just scheduled 30 seconds ago but you're still on our block and need to catch a few more punches just so you know that we know you know, y'know? All's well that ends well, things of that nature.