A Judge Has Dismissed Mike Postle The Poker Cheater's Case


First things first- Mike Postle cheated. It's clear to anyone. If I had to offer 1 piece of evidence that confirms he cheated, it'd be this graph:


It's just literally impossible for someone to win at the rate he won. And nevermind the blatant staring down at his phone, the ear piece, making perfect calls and folds in situations nobody else in the world could call or fold, it goes on and on. So while he's guilty of stealing $250,000 from people who understand what happened, he's apparently innocent in the eyes of the law:

PokerNews - On Wednesday, June 3, United States District Judge William B. Shubb granted motions to dismiss filed by King’s Casino (parent company to Stones Gambling Hall), Justin Kuraitis, and Mike Postle.

The massive decision stands as the biggest development so far in the high-profile cheating case that dominated the poker world last fall in which Postle was alleged to have profited around $250,000 in live-streamed cash games at Stones through nefarious but never proven means.

According to court documents obtained by PokerNews via Pacer, the judge sided with the argument put forth by King’s that the plaintiffs' various claims were “not cognizable under California law because California public policy bars judicial intervention in gambling disputes, in part because the asserted damages are inherently speculative” as laid out in Kelly v. First Astri Corp.


So why was he found innocent/case dismissed? Basically two fold- the judge doesn't understand poker so he relied on a doctrine from…1851.

Pokernews - Since 1851, California’s judiciary has disallowed claims derivative of gaming activities within state boundaries. The original rationale for this doctrine sounded on the illegal nature of gambling at the time; the perceptively immoral character of card games and horse races soon served as a secondary basis for courts to turn away all bettors who came. This was quite literally the Old West, and those conned in faro or stud games well understood justice was only available through brutal invocations of “self-help” often undertaken with the crude weaponry of yore.

The discomforting aspect, rather, is that California – a major industrial state with a vibrant economy of legal card rooms up-and-down the Pacific shoreline – still adheres to an antebellum doctrine by which gamblers may not seek judicial recourse for their cheated losses.


And so it goes. Hopefully Mike will never play a hand of live poker again. Hopefully he is banned from every card room in the country. I don't know if it's legal, but I hope it is. There is not 1% chance he didn't do it, and hopefully one day justice will prevail. And yes it sucks the players got cheated out of $250k, but hopefully Mike eventually gets what is coming to him.