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Guess That Country: There's A Pool Hopping Moose On The Loose

"Oh fuck ya, bud. Looks like ya got a moose in yer backyard there, eh? Buddy's just in there takin' a little rip in the dip, eh? Little crash in the splash? Didn't realize Brady Tkachuk needed some swimming lessons. Wonder how many prospects Melnyk would trade for him. Fuckin' A, bud." - this guys neighbour, probably. 

I just figure having a moose in your backyard as a Canadian is about as commonplace as an American having a squirrel or a bunny rabbit in theirs. The moment the temperature hits over 20 degrees celsius, those moose are gonna be sweaty. They're going to need to cool off a little. So if you have your pool open? Well congratulations, because you just opened up a moose bath and spa. 

Sidenote: I know that nobody looks great when they're soaking wet but good lord, moose are some ugly bastards when they are wet. Not a fan!