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Twitch Subscriber Buys His Favorite Streamer A $6000 Hot Tub

The woman above is Sidney, or better known as Viperous on Twitch. She is a video game streamer with over 26k Twitch followers...not bad. I'm sure she makes some decent money off of those subscribers, but some give more than others. For instance, one subscriber gave Sidney a goddamn hot tub. No, really, an entire hot tub:

The price of this bad boy? Six thousand dollars. 

There's a great rule I was taught once….never accept the free lunch, because the person who gave you it will someday want something in return. Can you imagine what this guy expects from Sidney? He probably thinks this is their first step towards marriage. You think he sent her a hot tub because he thought she's entertaining? Grow up. I think Jeff D Lowe is entertaining. I wouldn't send him a fucking hot tub. 

Speaking of SIMPs….loved this guy getting roasted in the replies:

An all-time video: