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Important Life Lesson From This Older Brother: Don't You Ever Try To Take A Charge On The Driveway If You're A Little Brother

I guess I need to preface the blog here saying I'm an older brother. I'm immediately siding with the older brother side in any sort of argument, doesn't matter what it is. I've now watched this film multiple times - sending it to my younger brother numerous times - and I've come to this conclusion.

The little brother here has no idea how to play any fucking defense.

 Trying to take a charge? What are you? Playing for K and learning how to flop? Learn the restricted area for me one time young buck. Learn how to challenge at the rim and if you can't block the shot and be man enough to meet the older brother at the rim, you gotta foul him as hard as possible. Just so typical little brother here too with the mom reacting the way she did. Hey ma, let the boys play one time. 

Everyone who is an older brother knows the game here. It's about toughening your little brother up. Then the moment they become bigger than you, you still toughen them up because big brothers always win out. If you start to lose a step, you cheat. Play dirty, find a way to get the little brother rattled. That's just the way the world works. In this case it's dunking your little brother to the Earth's core. Don't hate it one bit because it's part of the game. This is also what the little brother gets for trying to take a charge.