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Nick Jonas Revealed On Fore Play Why Joe Jonas Got A Shout Out From Shay Mooney In His Grammy Acceptance Speech

What a goddamn cool story. We had the Jonas Brother on Fore Play today (LOLOLOLOLOL) and they were AWESOME. Seriously awesome. It was amazing how laid back and cool they were and they just wanted to talk golf with us idiots. They told a bunch of cool stories and anecdotes but the coolest one was Nick Jonas talking about the reason Joe Jonas got a shout out in Shay Mooney's Grammy acceptance speech. Did Joe Jonas sing on the album? Nope. Did Joe Jonas help write songs on the album? Nope. Shay Mooney simply lost a golf bet to Nick and Joe and had to somehow work them into his Grammy acceptance speech. That's a speech Shay Mooney had likely been looking forward to his entire life and he had to make sure to thank everybody in his life.......including Joe Jonas because he hit the green on a par 3. See? Mega superstars like the Jonas Brothers are just like us, they make golf bets with their buddies too, it's just that their wagers involve Grammy acceptance speeches.

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