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Alright I'll Say It, I'm Worried About Giancarlo Stanton

What in the hell is going on here? This is what happens when you take away baseball from professional baseball players. It's May 6th and these guys are just home doing nothing when they should be traveling together and grinding out games. They don't know how to live. I mean did you watch the video? Quite frankly I don't know what that was and I'm horrified. Sleeping tonight was already going to be an issue, but that's completely out the window now with that image ingrained in my head. 

Was that a filter (there are some ridiculous filters out there today)? Because remember he did get hit in the face with a baseball which broke pretty much everything in his mouth. Does he have fake teeth that pop out? I thought he'd have those new ones in permanent. I have way too many questions that I'm scared to ask. We need to get this man to a baseball field asap. Remember the guy on the left? 

The one who used to do this? 

I'm going to need him back and for Giancarlito to vanish into thin air. 

Positives? He seems healthy! Minus the thing where I think he's lost his mind, the calf seems 100%. Hurray! Anyways buy a shirt. I miss this shit too much. Help.