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The KBO's Social Distancing First Pitch Proves We're No Longer In Any Form Of Reality

I mean what in the world is going on here? What is this life? The first pitch has been remixed for social distancing in South Korea. Welcome to the KBO. This is their normal. They have ideas. Lots of them are bad ideas, but nevertheless they've got ideas. I'm almost certain even if there wasn't a global pandemic going on this would have been the first pitch of the game. 

My biggest problem here is I don't know if we can call that a strike. I need to be able to grade first pitches based on where they land. How are we supposed to add him to this chart? I need answers. 

Also how is he supposed to breathe in that thing? Is he just holding his breath the whole time? I'm worried if he ever got out. 

Safety first with everything these days and I know he's a kid and it's cute but nothing will ever beat W. 

The first pitch GOAT