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Wake Up With Chris Berman Losing His Goddman Mind On The Set Of MNF

At long last the NFL Draft finally arrives tonight. Coronavirus has certainly flipped the sports world on its head, but the show goes on in the NFL with some unconventional changes. We won't see Roger Goodell strolling up to the podium to the tune of thunderous boos.  Instead he'll be in his basement which will surely be a bizarro world visual. All 32 NFL GMs will be scattered throughout the country relying on good wifi and prayer that none of their dogs or kids trip over any important wires. One fuck up and that could spell utter disaster for your team's future. I truly don't know what to expect. 

So with that I say good morning to you with Boomer losing his fucking mind on the set of Monday Night Football Countdown. One can only hope that one GM is caught on a live mic saying something incredible this evening. Imagine the Browns make a pick and you hear Belichick mumble "that guy fucking blows" forgetting that he's on Zoom next and his mic has been turned on. I NEED one of those moments tonight. The best part is that we'll likely get several. There's just so much that can go wrong tonight. I'm expecting full-on chaos. Just as an example, while Bears GM Ryan Pace did his mock draft run through the other day his wife unplugged his monitors while vacuuming. Phenomenal. 

Give. Me. Chaos. 

Happy NFL Draft everyone, let's just get through the day in one piece and have ourselves a night for a change.