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What Would Your Avengers Team Look Like?

ICYMI, Entertainment Weekly posted the graphic that inspired this earlier yesterday and it was roasted into bolivian:

For real, I have no idea what the fuck they were really going for here because the characters are clearly not tiered by powers. Black Widow being at the top and Captain Marvel not even being included is proof of that. Maybe pure popularity? Even then, you're trying to tell me Hawkeye is more popular than Star Lord? FOH. Anyway, I put together a much more accurate graphic that tiers them based on who has the most aggregate powers, intelligence, resources, and overall ability to contribute. Here are my personal picks:

$5 - Captain Marvel: She is, more or less, the most powerful overall protagonist in all of the MCU. You gotta be a fool not to take her. 

$5 - Doctor Strange: Like Captain Marvel, he is powerful. But more important is adding his magical abilities and near Stark-level IQ to augment Cap Marvel's already near-unbeatable powers.

$3 - Captain America: Cap doesn't have the strength or intelligence of my first two picks, but he's the guy. A great leader for my crew. 

$1 - Star Lord: My group is entirely super-serious chaps, meaning they really needs some levity. Star Lord has that, plus he is a great pilot, improvisor, and he has a heart of gold. 

$1 - War Machine: There is nothing wrong with Iron Man lite. 

Send us your picks!