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Ochocinco Randomly Gave A Fan $1,000 After Seeing Their Bank Account (Or Rather A Lack Of One) On Twitter

Just a quick shoutout to Ochocinco. I'm friends with enough Bengals fans and have lived in Cincinnati for a decade now to know that he's absolutely beloved by people here in Cinci still. Sure he was a bit of a wildcard, but that's why people loved him. Shit, I have no connection to the Bengals (didn't grow up here, so no I'm not a Bengals fan) but he was must watch TV in his prime. Whether it was his TD dances:

Or whether it was his interviews or just playing random people in Fifa or whatever, he was and still is beloved. Now, sure, we can make fun of this person for having no money, but who amongst us has never been in a tight spot before? I'm not going to throw any rocks in glass houses when you're just living on whatever you can find around your house for a few days until that paycheck hits. 

Imagine just getting a $1,000 like that too. That goes a long ass way. Shit I'd be happy to get $1,000 right now. But if you're getting that at McDonald's you could easily smash that McDonald's contest from Twitter and make content out of it too. 

Remember, Ocho fucking loves McDonald's

So shout out Ochocinco, now it's back to watching what Dave receives in boxes and what weapons he'll continue to have. I'd prefer not to get drafted and have to drive to NYC.