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No More Dan Fouts On CBS This Football Season

From yahoo sports:

"When the NFL returns, the No. 2 team for CBS broadcasts will have a different sound.

Via media reporter Andrew Marchand of the N.Y. Post, CBS has sacked longtime analyst Dan Fouts.

The move to part ways with Fouts is not tied to coronavirus-related cutbacks, Marchand said; Fouts’ contract was scheduled to end at the conclusion of the coming season.

According to Marchand, CBS is now targeting Charles Davis, an NFL analyst on Fox, as a potential replacement, or Trent Green, whom the network already has in-house. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reported that Rich Gannon and James Lofton are also in-house candidates."

No more Beard and The Bird this fall. 

Maybe it's my Waterboy bias, but I always liked Fouts - especially with Ian Eagle. Thought the two had good chemistry and Fouts' grandpa temperament balanced out Eagle's electric calls. 

All broadcasters I think are basically judged on an annoyance scale. Nantz and Simms were off the charts, but now Nantz and Romo to me aren't as bad. I never found myself annoyed of Fouts and Eagle. Every time the Steelers played I actually hoped that they'd be on the call. 

Charles Davis would be really good with Eagle, but oh my god CBS will totally have shit the bed if Trent Green gets the gig. I guess the only positive from that would be that they would breakup the ultimate library broadcast team with Greg Gumbel and Trent Green. Talk about putting you to sleep. If they had a west coast game at 4:05 forget about it, you're out before the second series. 

I just wish that Fouts would have gotten to let this one rip during his last broadcast for CBS.