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Whoops! Man City Player Kyle Walker Is Now Facing Major Fines After Apparently Hosting A Sex Party As He Urged Everyone To Stay Home

[Source] - FOOTBALLER Kyle Walker ignored the virus lockdown by hosting a sex party with a pal and two call girls at his flat.

One of the escorts said the Manchester City and England ace invited them for a three-hour sex session — a day before he urged supporters to follow advice to stay home to help the NHS.

Walker, who issued a grovelling apology last night, now faces a potential huge fine from club bosses for ignoring health and social distancing guidelines.

The defender split from his long-term girlfriend Annie Kilner earlier this year after we revealed he had got model Lauryn Goodman pregnant.

A source said: “Kyle has hit rock bottom with his behaviour and his manager will be furious, and rightly so.”

Whoops! Now on one hand Kyle Walker can argue he was staying at home. The problem with that is he invited a friend and some (alleged) hookers over. Listen, everyone is horny during quarantine, we see it daily on the blog. But you can't be putting out stay at home messages and then calling for some group sex. That's not social distancing. 

And look at that quote! What a year for Kyle Walker. Break up with your girlfriend: 

Get this model Lauryn Goodman pregnant (Instagram now private) only to have a full spiral and not the ham type. I get that can completely fuck someone's mind up. All understandable. But is this also why he allegedly used the worst fake name in the history of fake names? 

The single mum says the player, who she took snaps of stripped to his undies, said his name was “Kai”.

Kai?!? Your name is Kyle. That's like me using Rob for a secret name when I go by Bobby. First off, you're a big time soccer player in England - pretty important. That's probably reason number 1 you'll get busted, but reason 2 is just using the name Kai. You deserve to get fined for that alone. 

Also how do you let them take pictures of you?!? That's rule like No. 1 of any athlete, musician, whatever. No photos. Hell, it's pretty much no phones, no anything. You have to have your bases covered! Or you know don't host a sex party, either one really. 

I love that apparently the women left at 2am on Wednesday. This was posted on March 28!

And this on March 24

Just stay home and masturbate. That should be the new tagline here.