PSA: Do NOT Use Your T-Shirts As Toilet Paper - You Know Better Than That

Stop it. Just stop it.  You know better than this, California.  T-SHIRTS ARE NOT TO BE USED AS TOILET PAPER. 

Authorities in the Northern California city of Redding, have the mind-boggling task of instructing residents that T-Shirts should not be used as toilet paper, or at the very least, not flushed down the toilet.  I know... the cops are just as surprised as you are that they even have to do this.  It's astonishing, and California, you fucking know better.   When the local Water company discovered the massive backup in their pipes, they alerted the city who put out this tweet to advise residents on how to properly dispose of their shit shirts and it's far more encouraging than it should be.  

No one. I repeat NO ONE should be using T-shirts as toilet paper!  

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If you have made the idiotic decision to flush any of your T-shirts due to lack of Toilet paper and now are running low, feel free to buy a new one and help feed the elderly while you're at it.  This shirt is 100% NOT FLUSHABLE

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