And Down Goes The XFL

And another one bites the dust. I mean obviously they had no real choice, but if there was one league that was going to stay open, it was the XTREME FOOTBALL LEAGUE. But alas, it seems they have followed suit of literally every other league and company in the world and postponed the season due to Coronavirus.

There's not a ton more we can say at this point. It sucks obviously. We're just going to be living in a sportsless world for a while. I always wondered what it would take for that to happen, and now we know. To be fair, if you were attending XFL games, you kinda were expecting to get coronavirus to begin with

For a league that gaining momentum and needed every week and ounce of publicity it was getting, this is a big blow to their chances to survive. I always believed Vince would finance it until he died, so I do expect it back next year, but this is a bad, bad blow for them.