Residents Call Police Over 'Lion' Sighting, Turns Out To Be A Dog With A Unique Haircut

Translation via twitter: "Several notices have been received this morning alerting that a lion had been seen loose in the garden area, others a strange bug, but finally we have passed the microchip reader and it has turned out to be a ... dog. Identifying its owner."

Translation via Google: Quiet agent. Bark Bark.

I would not fuck with a dog who can talk. May just be me but I don't trust them.

Translation via Google: I don't know Rick, it seems fake

Textbook Chumlee meme from this Spanish Police Department. They don't teach memeing like that anymore.

sidenote - I felt like I had to leave the response memes in there. Anytime a serious account (police departments, politicians, etc) tweets out a meme, I die laughing. It's nice knowing that these accounts - most serious- can show their quirkiness, relatability from time to time. It's also funny thinking about some intern/low-level employee cook up these simple, yet effective memes. 


March 9 (UPI) -- Police officers in Spain responded to numerous reports of a lion on the loose in a town and discovered the animal was actually a dog with an unusual haircut.

The Local Police of Molina de Segura said they received numerous reports Sunday of a loose lion strolling through the municipality.

Officers tracked down the animal and discovered it was actually a large dog with its long hair trimmed to resemble the body, mane and tail of an African lion.

Police said the dog was microchipped and they contacted its owner for a reunion with the escaped pet.

I'm not an animal expert, not by any means, but shouldn't it be easy to tell the difference between a lion and a fucking dog. Now I get that we aren't dealing with a poodle, this is a bigger dog that - maybe, from a distance - could pass for the size of a lion. If it weren't for the rather preposterous haircut of the dog, this is a non-story.

That being said, whoever has been grooming this dog needs a firm talking to. Can't be having people shave their dogs hair right down the middle of their torso. Just can't have it. While I think the residents who called the police are big ole dummies, I also think that about the dog owners. if it wasn't for the outlandish haircut, there'd be no lion scare. Rendering the dog owners at least somewhat responsible for what happened.

Unless, of course, there is a medical reason behind the hairdo

The haircut of the dog doesn't even really look like a lion. It just looks like a dog who had half it's body shaved. To actively seek police help after seeing that is insane. Lions don't even live in Europe unless they're being held against their will in some zoo somewhere. 

I can only imagine the embarrassment that must come with calling the police and saying "Help! There's a lion on the loose!" only to have them show up to find out it's just a normal ass dog must be very sobering. It just seems like an experience that I certainly wouldn't be able to live down. 

You already know those same people who called the copes were posting all over social media, texting all their friends something along the lines of "yoooo checkout this scary-ass lion, I'm dead fam". Just a tough look all around. Just happy no one was hurt. You never know when you could see a clear and obvious dog lion in your neck of the woods. All fun and games until it happens to you! 

PS- I know it seems unrelated but I think this whole coronavirus ordeal has everyone on edge. Everyone is so ready to push the panic button and just shut everything down. So much so that people are identifying dogs as lions and calling cops to deal with it. I just hope the world gets back to its normal programming soon.