Stephen A. Smith May Have Wanted To Avoid Asking What Ray Rice's Wife Could've Done To Avoid Getting KO'd



“But domestic violence or whatever the case may be, with men putting their hands on women, is obviously a very real, real issue in our society. And I think that just talking about what guys shouldn’t do, we got to also make sure that you can do your part to do whatever you can do to make, to try to make sure it doesn’t happen. We know they’re wrong. We know they’re criminals. We know they probably deserve to be in jail. In Ray Rice’s case, he probably deserves more than a 2-game suspension which we both acknowledged. But at the same time, we also have to make sure that we learn as much as we can about elements of provocation. Not that there’s real provocation, but the elements of provocation, you got to make sure that you address them, because we’ve got to do is do what we can to try to prevent the situation from happening in any way. And I don’t think that’s broached enough, is all I’m saying. No point of blame.”

Stephen A Smith


I’m not sure I really have a leg to stand on in this, seeing as I posted a girl in her bikini this morning, but seems like this is going a little overboard with “asking what we can do to avoid provoking an attack.” I mean I get what he’s saying, the number one rule in my life I follow is “Don’t do anything that’s going to get me punched in the face.” I walk around saying it in my head constantly, “Don’t get punched in the face, don’t get punched in the face, don’t get punched in the face.” But when we’re talking about an NFL athlete and his wife, and the entire internet is already in an uproar over it… probably want to avoid saying anything too inflammatory like “bitch might’ve deserved it.”


Editors Note – Once again me and Feits blogged the same story at the same time.  Here is my take

Hmm. Real hot take here from Stephen A. Looks like he kind of agrees that Ray Rice’s girlfriend needed to apologize for getting herself knocked out. That she kind of provoked it. Where is Chris Rock when you need him? It’s never okay to hit a woman no matter what she does, but you can shake the shit out of her.  More importantly I wonder whether ESPN’s Sam Ponder will tweet about ESPN’s Stephen A Smith comments? Probably not. It’s easier just to blame everything on bloggers and social media and my skinny jean blog from 2010.   That’s the craziest part of my war with feminists/idiots/KO Barstool.  If they paid any attention at all they’d realize I’m actually on their side.