Does This Look Like the Face of Some Chick From Sports Illustrated Who Called Us A Worthless Cesspool And Proved Her Point By Digging up the Skinny Jeans Blog from 2010






Such a classic KO Barstool move here.   We don’t agree with what Pres is saying even though he’s  making logical coherent points that 99% of guys and girls agree with so we’re just gonna dig up the clearly satirical skinny jean blog from 2010 to prove our point that Pres loves raping chicks and shit.    TOO PERFECT.     As a sidenote how hypocritical is it for a chick who writes for SI to complain about objectifying women?   Umm ever heard of the Swimsuit issue?  Ever heard of Hot Clicks?   You guys damn near invented the objectifying game.  Hell the first time I realized I could cum myself was the Christie Brinkley SI issue.   So cut me the shit with the righteous indignation.  Seriously all this hypocrisy is driving me BANANAS.   If you feel this strongly about how wrong objectifying women is then quit your job and have a spine for once instead of lobbing grenades across the internet.  Clean up your backyard first.  Seriously Sports Illustrated,, Deadspin all motherfucking hypocrites. Everybody playing both sides of the fence.    I got cannons firing everywhere today.

PS –  By the way this chick pretty much proves the entire argument about sideline reporters.   This girl is a writer because she has a mug like that.   Sam Ponder is on TV because she has a face from the heavens.  Not an accident one girl writes books and one is a sideline reporter.   You play the hand you were dealt.

Double PS – Nate seems to be the first person in the  mix with everybody taking shots at us today.  Hey Nate get below deck!  We’re not trying to embolden the enemy here.  Let me deal with them!  Captain’s Orders!