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Wyoming Is Making A Cinderella Run In The MWC Tournament Thanks To This Half Naked Old Guy Known As 'Barrel Man'

[Source] - His name is Ken Koretos. By day he sells cars, and by night he answers to “Cowboy Ken” (although he insists that you can call him “Barrel Man” if you prefer). Cowboy Ken has been going to Wyoming football and basketball games since he was little, placing his hand just a few feet from the ground for extra emphasis.

“You know,” he says. “I’m one of the most famous people in Wyoming.”

So I snapped this picture late last night right before the Wyoming/Nevada game that tipped off at about midnight. Now I'm ALL IN on Wyoming. This guy Barrel Man or Cowboy Ken? Yeah, that's the sort of good juju you need in order to make a run. And guess what? It's working! 

The bracket isn't even updated because the game was so damn late, but this happened early morning: 

Everyone knows come March you need some good juju. Michigan got hot a few years ago when they had to wear practice jerseys in the Big 10 Tournament. Teams will wear throwbacks or certain jerseys for good luck. Teams will do the same routine. Wyoming? They have Barrel Man. 

Seriously, Wyoming sucked in the regular season. They were 10 point dogs last night, trailing by 10! They never should have beat Colorado State. Don't tell me good juju isn't a thing.